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  2. ReTweet & Comment 3 numbers from 100 - 999

How it works?

Every round, we pick a block number and collect its hash as the input to draw the result. The result draws by this function and takes the last three digits as the winning number.

const converter = require('hex2dec');
const dec = converter.hexToDec("0x2656a9697cd5284c1c6f6e843038edd0d604eaef0a302f36f9aca439b4cc0e42");
const n = (dec%1000000000).toString()
// take the last 3 digits
const winningNumber = n.substr(n.length - 3)
// 296

How prize is distribute?

We will publish the winning number of each round on our Twitter and scan the winning comment, then try to contact the winner. Or the winner could contact us back within 3 days to collect the prize.

Please note:

  • Multiple winners will share the prize.

  • Any comment edited, comment after the block time, has more than 3 numbers will not be recorded.

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